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What to Bring



Music, Vestments, Etc.

- Course music packet

- 1" matte black three-ring binder, clearly labeled with your name

- Pencils, pencils, pencils!

- Choir vestments on a hanger with your name pinned or taped inside each piece

- RSCM badge or ribbon, if applicable

(adults only) Masters or Doctoral hood for Evensong, if desired


Clothes for Sunday Services 

- Boys/Men: dress pants & shirt, closed-toe black dress shoes*

- Girls/Women: dress or skirt/dress pants & blouse, closed-toe flat black dress shoes*

- All: Hair ties for long hair (should be secured in a ponytail or bun for all vested services)


Daily Attire

- Casual pants, shorts, shirts, etc. for rehearsals & outings

- Sweatshirt or light jacket (even summer evenings can be cool in Washington)

- Rain jacket and/or umbrella

- Comfortable, supportive shoes for walking and standing

- Comfortable clothing and good closed-toe sneakers or hiking boots for exploring the great outdoors

- Swimsuit (swimming may or may to be on the agenda, depending on weather)








Other Important Items

- Linens* (pillow, twin XL sheets & blanket/sleeping bag, towel, washcloth) 

  *Adults do not need to bring linens

- Water bottle

- Alarm clock

- Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.

- Prescription medications, if needed (please pre-dose maintenance medications in a pill organizer, place in a ziplock bag clearly labelled with chorister's name, and include printed dosage/schedule instructions)

- $20-40 cash for incidentals

- Bug spray (optional)

- Small fan (optional)


Activities and Free Time

- Clothes/costumes for theme days:

2019 Themes (2020 TBD!):

Tuesday: TEAM DAY (represent your favorite team, club, choir, whatever)

Wednesday: MUSIC DAY (Dress up as a composer, wear a t-shirt with a musical pun, etc. Use your imagination!)

Thursday: TACKY DAY (enough said)

Friday: HOUSE COLORS DAY (wear your house color with pride)

Saturday: COURSE T-SHIRT DAY (You’ll get it pre-washed at check in.)

- Talent show materials (costumes, musical instruments, props, etc.)

- Playing cards, travel board games, word puzzles, etc.

- Book(s)/word puzzles/coloring materials for daily rest period

- Frisbees, balls, etc. for outside recreation time



What NOT to Bring

- Valuable jewelry, electronics, etc.

- Large amounts of cash

- Any substance prohibited by the Behavior Contract



All packed luggage should be in a duffle bag or suitcase. No hampers, plastic bags, cardboard boxes, etc., please!

Cell phones & tablets (rising 9th grade & up only), electronic games, iPods, etc. are for in-room use ONLY.  Electronics used outside your room will be collected and returned at the end of the course. No exceptions!


Medications should be stored a plastic ziplock bag with the chorister’s name printed clearly on it. Maintenance medications must be pre-dosed in a labeled pill organizer, available at drugstores and Amazon. If your chorister requires multiple dosages during a day (such as morning and evening), you will need to provide a pill organizer with multiple compartments per day. Pill organizers must be labeled with the chorister's name, and a print out of medications and dosages must be provided as well. Medication bottles should be clearly marked with the chorister’s name and dosing information.


Please feel free to contact our Registrar/Course Mom Jenn Satalino, at rscmpnw@gmail.com with any additional questions.